We will provide you with a free detailed assessment of your immigration eligibility by offering professional immigration advice and professionally assessing your qualifications and eligibility against the government requirements for your chosen visa.

We will then assist with your application process providing advocacy and advice and helping to determine which category suits you best by completing a detailed consultation as soon as you become our client. The consultation includes imparting specialist advocacy advice and know how of the immigration application submission process and the documents required.

We will then guide you throughout the application process and provide you with a pre-agreed list of documents that you need to provide us with so that we can submit your application.

We will professionally and meticulously complete your application form, prepare covering letters and submit your application to the relevant government body or consulate for the country of your visa destination. We will only submit once we are confident of your eligibility for the visa based on the documents that we have requested from you and the information and disclosure you provide to us.

We will communicate with the relevant government departments worldwide with regards your application.

If an immigration interview is required we will prepare you for the personal immigration interview and tracking your application until it’s issuance and approval.

We will further assist with any rejections that may be a result of application refusal or caused by criminal background, medical issues and long delays.

With all and any service you purchase from us we will finally support and assist in your settlement with our unique job allocating network and our employment sources, prepare you for your arrival at port of entries, explain to you your residency responsibilities and obligations and advise you overall about any Citizenship.