Cancellation POLICY


(a) In the event that the client chooses to terminate this Agreement prior to submitting the application to the concerned governing body or during the course of processing client agrees that the professional fee is only refundable of 30%. The remaining fees the client has paid is charged as an administrative fee for opening his file and providing detailed advise on file opening.

(b) In the event that SYNC CORPORATE SERVICE PROVIDER chooses to terminate this Agreement in accordance with the provisions of paragraph c below, the full amount of the agreed fees will be non-refundable.; The contract will be cancelled upon notice to the client by Sync Corporate Service Provider of its decision to terminate this Agreement

In the event of a cancellation, all the clients file will be closed and his documents will be returned to the client. No personal data or other information will be stored save the delivery information of the documents to be returned.


a) The clients agrees at all times, to provide all personal, financial, employment ,current registration with any governing body whether in home country or elsewhere and/or other information Sync Corporate Service Provider shall require. The Clients further agrees upon the request of any governing body to provide that body with whatever information may be requested.

b) The client acknowledges that all information requested of him/her pursuant to this paragraph (c) must be disclosed in a timely, accurate, truthful, complete and full manner.